Camping Caravaning *** à Anduze dans le Gard
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Please read and accept this regulation before any booking.



ou have to be allowed by the management to get in, settle down and stay on the private property of the camp site. You have to accept and comply to this regulation and the agreement of the planned stay. Access to the campsite is exclusively reserved to the tourists (art. 2 of the decree of 11/01/93) and forbidden to sellers, peddlers, hawkers, etc. All religious proselytism, politics, etc… is excluded. We do not accept any more the minors not accompanied with their relatives or legal guardians and it even if they are carriers of a parental consent.


t your arrival, registration with deposit of International Camping notebook, insurance justification, or caravan license. A identity card is required.
Camping site : The price is calculated from 3pm to midday. The total sum of the stay which has been booked, as well as the tourist tax, is to be paid in full on your arrival.
Renting a mobile home or chalet : The price is calculated from 10am to 15pm. the price of the stay is to be paid 30 days before the beginning of the stay. After this, your reservation is considered as cancelled. Reception is open from 9 12 and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m..


isitors are allowed between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. and have to present themselves at the reception every time they get in. They have to pay the indicated duty. They are under the responsibility of tourists that invite them. They don’t have acces to the swimming-pool..
Vehicles must be driven slowly and be parked only in the authorized and indicated places ; they cannot be washed. Only the cars of users can get in the camp-site.


ogs must be on leash and never left alone, even in a car or a caravan and don’t have to sully the camp-site. The presentation of the pad antirabique is required. Animals considered as dangerous in France are not allowed in the campsite. The direction of the campsite can refuse access to quite other animal representing a major risk..


ach one must abstain from any action which could harm the aspect of the camp-site. Do not throw any water polluted on the grounds or the rain grids. The chemical WC must be poured in the special mouths. Wastes and garbages must be thrown in the dustbins. Dish washing and laundry are strictly limited to the special and dedicated vat.


lantations must be respected. Any degradation will be under the responsibility of its author. The children are under the whole responsibility of their parents, they must be supervised permanently. At any time (night & day), everybody has to avoid any noise or discussion incommoding the neighbors. Silence is required from 12 p.m. to 8 a.m. A first aid kit first aid is at the reception desk.


lease warn Management immediately if you detect a fire or any undetermined smokes. Barbecues, alcohol stoves and wooden fires are strictly forbidden. (only electric barbecues are authorized). Each caravan must be provided with an extinguisher. No blocking device must block the evacuation. Only the not sealed crutches or chocks are authorizeds..


he person in charge for the establishment takes care of the respect of this regulation and has the duty to sanction the failures. he’s got the right to apply the rule by which any infringement involves the eviction of its author. The reception and declines any responsibility as regards accidents and incidents between users.
Swimming-pool : bermuda shorts and pareo are forbidden.


uggestions and complaints are gladly considered. Please date them, sign them, indicate your names and address and put backthem to the Management which thanks you for it..